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Learn Website Design & Development

Excellence Academy of Information Technology provides hands on training in Website Design and Development. With the growing number of business going online, the demand of WebDev professionals are increasing daily. We teach real-world website technologies to future experts.

What Will You Learn?

In this training program, you will be able to learn website design, starting from fundamentals to launching full-stack web apps and solving real world problems with code while learning industry best practices in a collaborative atmosphere.

Layout Design

You will start from learning basics of graphics design, Photoshop skills, UI design and move on to learning layout design.

Javascript / ES

Learn the history of Ecma Script and basics of Javascript in our in-dept intoduction to the language.


After learning the basics of layout, we can start coding with HTML. learning the various tags and their properties. We also include HTML5.

JS And CSS Libraries

We also include Bootstrap, jQuery and SASS in our course to help students get in-depth knowledge of Front-End Development.


Learn how to provide style to your HTML using Cascading Style Sheet. CSS and CSS3 fundamentals will help you to add beauty to your HTML


WordPress is a online software system that allows you to create improbable Websites that can be easily accessed.

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