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Learn Advance Diploma In Computer Application

Excellence Academy of Information Technology provides hands on training in Basic Computer. Our Advanced IT Diploma Certification helps students jump starts their career in the IT industry.

What Will You Learn?

Basic Computer knowledge has become utmost important in our day-to day life today. With the rapid growth of internet we at Excellence Academy of Information Technology have taken a pledge to provide indepth knowledge in basics of computer to our students. Join today and get certified in Advanced Diploma In Computer Training.

Operating System

Windows is an operating system designed by Microsoft. The operating system is what allows you to use a computer.

Desktop Publishing ( DTP )

It is used to create documents like leaflets, Brochures, Newsletters, Posters, Flyer, Leaflets catalogues.

Basic of Computer

Get an basic knowledge of what a computer is made up of. Learn about the types of computers used in various operations.

Basic of Accounting

Accounting is the measurement, processing, and communication of financial and non financial information about economic entities.

Microsoft Office

Learn to use MS Word, Powerpoint, Excel and Access. Get an in-depth knowledge about their usefulness in day to day life.

Internet and Its Usage

Understand about using internet. Learn to use browsers, emails, web apps. Get an in-depth knowledge about their advantages.

Course Details

Advance Diploma In Computer Application

Here is the detailed module of what you will learn in the
Advance Diploma In Computer Application course of EAIT Computer Education

MODULE 1 -Introduction To Operating Systems

MODULE 2 -Microsoft Office (MS Office)

MODULE 3 -Desktop Publishing ( DTP )

MODULE 4 -Tally Prime

MODULE 1 - Basic of Web Design & Software Installation

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